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Demi Moore Loves Eating Cum

Monday, July 21st, 2008

It looks like we’ve found the secret to Demi Moore‘s eternal youth and ageless sexiness — she’s on a special diet!  Of course exercise and eating right is a big part of why she looks so hot, but there’s that special ingredient her body and skin gets that looks to be very good for her, and that’s fresh, warm spunk!  And all the activities she gets into just to acquire all that spooge are also something that burns the calories and keeps her looking sexy.  It’s best to get as much spunk in one go rather than in a succession of activities though.  She’s still only human after all, and her husband would be wanting to give her his own dose of her favorite elixir!

For hot, dirty action of the sort that leads to Demi getting her face splattered like she does here, check out this link, and see her guzzle down that baby gravy like the supply was fast drying up!